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To be able to hit you need to train with different hitting aids to improve at different levels.

When you first start a T is used, then you move forward with soft toss and on to live batting cages and live pitching. Here at Baseball Hitting Instructions we want to bring you the latest in hitting methods, advanced baseball equipment along with sound hitting principles and instill confidence as you progress.

Hard Maple Composite BBCOR.50 L180

Baden Axe Handle Bat is now being used by over 20 Major League Baseball Players

Allows you to hit with comfort, speed and power

Hard Maple Composite BBCOR.50 L180 now with 120-Day factory warranty
The Handle that Drives the Ball

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BBCOR.50 MacDougall PowerWood Bats
All Sizes in Stock 31-34 inch in 1/2 in sizes
More POP and a 4 Month Warranty

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BBCOR.50 Axe Baseball Bat Information
Axe Bats In Stock

31-34/-3  sizes In Stock
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BBCOR.50 KR3 Maple Magnum  
All Sizes in Stock 32-34 inch
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Buy a KR3 Magnum Bat Solid Wood Bat

All American Beech Wood Bat

All Wood Newest Wood Approved by MLB
extra dense highest batted ball exit speed

The Baseball Playbook -

The Baseball Playbook - Ron Polk breaks the game of baseball down not only position by position, but all aspects of the game on and off the field. A veteran college coach and one of the most respected men in the game, Polk gives excellent tips for coaches of all levels, from the first day of practice to the final game of the post season tournament. The former Mississippi State coach is still a popular speaker on the clinic tour and after reading this book, you will understand why. Not only does Polk discuss teaching fundamentals and game strategies, but also gives excellent ideas and points on the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of the game - everything from organizing tournaments and field maintenance to dealing with the local officiating associations, fans, and bringing in support staff to help run a smooth program. Win More Games. Play Better Baseball! Polk even includes ready-to-copy charts and forms for player information, public address announcers, game schedules, equipment managing, and setting up and enforcing team policies. If you're looking for big-names and shiny pictures, forget it - this book is for serious coaches....and Polk doesn't leave any aspect of coaching in an organized baseball league uncovered.
Bat Tape Team Colors for all types of bats: baseball, softball, fast pitch, golf, tennis, use it on any type of item with a handle helps keep it in your hand andnot in the stands. Better harder hits more performance no need for batting gloves feel the breeze as you swing your bat. Vulcan Bat tape has hundreds of tiny Lines that feel like a small cushion under your hand. They allow gripping lines which allow you to hold the bat with a much lighter grip and attain the same hold of your bat. The baseball hitting advice applies, "Loose muscles are fast muscles". In crease your bat speed and lower the sting on cold days. Just try it you'll believe it. 


Bat Barrel Size Comparison
Upper contact point will be a POP_UP
Lower Contact Point will be a Ground Ball
the center optimum contact of a 9 inch baseball
with the surface a bat is no more than 1.22 inches the bigger barrel just adds weight
Choosing a bat is an ever ongoing experiment.
Best to have one that will last, that you have bat speed into and out of the hitting zone, and you have confidence that you will hit the ball

The Tosser-Upper is a one person
soft toss training pitcher that you can set
up with 25 baseballs and hit into a
screen or at home plate and hit line
drives and flies to teammates. Use Indoors on cold winter days set up inthe garage or basement and hit into a net. Can also be use for fielding practice at home for a catcher and at second base for ball transfer between SS an 2 Base fielders

 Shoulder Ice Wrap/Shoulder Heat Wrap by ActiveWrap® Throwing Athletes
This is a complete shoulder therapy solution. It's a shoulder ice wrap and a shoulder heat wrap all-in-one! Designed for injury specific adjustability and full freedom of movement during usage.  Just slip it on and start treating! The ActiveWrap® shoulder system is the nicest fitting shoulder ice
wrap on the market!
Ankle, Knee, Elbow, Back, & Wrist

The Total Pitching Program is the baseball pitching manual written by Daron Schoenrock, head baseball coach at the University of Memphis. Included are sections on holding runners, classifying hitters, reading swings, delivery mechanics, and fielding positions, along with in- and off-season workouts

Baseball Hitting T
Pro Elite Batting Tee
Made in the USA
Where it all begins.
you can build your own with a 5 gallon bucket, Sand, a broom stick, 6 inch piece of rubber hose  Gain Bat Strength hit a basketball
off your tee
Better yet use a
soccer ball

Pelican Bat Wax revolutionary sports grip is a must for all baseball player serious about his game. It will enhance your confidence at the plate to give you that extra firm bat grip and control you need. It also allows players to feel comfortable using a relaxed grip on the bat which will help to improve your hitting mechanics.  

Real Leather Baseball Wallets
with 108 Red Stiches just like the game ball you use
Makes a Great Gift for Any Dad, Baseball Player, Baseball Coach, or Baseball Fan


This is a hitting aid designed for all ages and all genders alike. It is designed to assist you with hand speed when swinging the bat. The RBI Pro Swing will teach everyone the proper hitting technique and hand position during the impact point of the swing. Dual purpose  swing trainer and on deck weight.

Cleatskins are a revolutionary footwear accessory designed to allow athletes to move swiftly to and from their sport without damaging their cleated shoes or risking injury. The innovative SKINTEK™ rubber skin easily slips over cleats to take them to the street, so busy athletes can move on and off the field faster and more safely.

Two Hands
Fielding Trainer
Train like the PROS!
Two Hands helps
any player
Gain the pro edge
 Build confidence
  Make less errors
When the games
on the line!
Defense Wins Championships

The Baseball Playbook by Coach Ron Polk is 520 pages of everything you'll ever need to know about baseball! This book covers everything from your first team meeting, Offense, Defense Drills to running the tournament at the end of the season
Heavy duty, fully portable L-frame pitching screen has two-sided, weather treated polyester netting, 7' x7' durable steel frame that breaks down in seconds to a 41"x 42"x 4" section. Ideal for right or left handed pitchers. Portable 1 person  can carry and setup is less than 4 minutes
The Nutty Buddy Athletic Cup is like no other cup ever designed. Our cups are made to the highest quality using a high impact resistant polycarbonate material. The true factor that sets NuttyBuddy apart from our competitors is the anatomically correct design which has made the NuttyBuddy the most comfortable cup on the market today.
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  Kick off your season with this EvoShield exclusive item – The Spring Starter Kit – which includes an Arm Sleeve, Wrist Guard and Elbow Guard at a great price. For now, this kit is only available in
 PROTECT THE PLATE. Ultrathin, lightweight and custom-molding, EvoShield’s signature Batter’s Elbow Guard is the newest advancement in
hitting protection.

BE SAFE If you unconscious let some know who you are and what to do in an emergency!!!

If you are a Baseball Player, runner, cyclist, triathlete or just a person who doesn't sit on the couch all day, Road ID is for you. This awesome piece of gear not only looks good but it could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. Now in 6 different styles. It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind.
 The answer to taking hitting practice before a game or stepping into the batting cage for batting practice is to get at least 25-30 swings using our (PowerWiffs) With these supper realistic poly plastic 9" baseballs with embossed red threads enable you to get an eye on how the ball looks when thrown by a pitcher. Tested by the Northwest Independent Baseball League with little to no plastic baseballs splitting when hit by adult hitters using wood or composite wood bats. These 9" plastic training baseballs are perforated for restricted flight. They are great for up close batting drills or indoor play during the off season
Tiger Stick revolutionary sports grip is a must for all baseball player serious about his game. It will enhance your confidence at the plate to give you that extra firm bat grip and control you need. It also allows players to feel comfortable using a relaxed grip on the bat which will help to improve your hitting mechanics. Your brain picks up bat angle and location through your hands why slow them down with batting gloves...just you,
Tiger Stick, and your bat.