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                                                           Pop Up Ball Tosser-Upper 1 Man Soft Toss
Just the Best Baseball Equipment for the Serious Baseball Player and Teams

Pop Up Ball Toss  Zip Net Hurricane Net Drills
Drills that keep Batting and Fielding Practice Moving


Electronic Height Control -1 to 6 Ft

Electronic Frequency Control-
1 to 6 seconds

25 Baseballs or 16 Softballs
also whiffle balls, tennis balls,

Zero Time Setup

1 Sq. Ft. Storage Footprint

Rugged Construction-Steel and
High Impact ABS

5 Year Guarantee (2 on the Battery)


12 Hour Duty Cycle Before Recharging

24 V "Cell Power" Battery

24 V, 400 mA Battery Charger Included

Hitting Drills
Bat speed, slap, placement, quick wrist, and more

Use the proven

Power Hitting Hitting Jack-it
The Hitting Jack-it is a complete hitting training system with patent pending design. The product comes in four sizes to assist progressive training. The 9oz size develops bat speed and works fast twitch muscles. The 12oz size strengths hands and forearms, and improves muscle memory. The 16oz size develops power and the 21oz “on deck” size builds
Big League power.

Defensive Drills
Ball Transfer second to short & short to second
Catcher at home on bunts, pop ups, ETC
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Toss Up Baseball Soft Toss
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Try these drills with your Tosser-Upper Soft Toss Machine For Baseball Hitting, Fielding, and using the Zip Net

1 Speed Up Drill: The SPEED-UP DRILL is a fantastic power building muscle memory drill. One complete cycle of balls (25 baseballs, 15 softballs) is hit at a slow, comfortable interval. When the cycle completed the machine is loaded again and the control is set to a faster interval. In all, three to four cycles are recommended, decreasing the time interval between each. At the end of the last cycle the hitter should be drained.

2 Quick Wrist Drill: This drill is an excellent drill for developing bat speed.  (Using the Hitting jack-it with the weights that slip on and stay above the barrel) or Holding a short one handed bat (you can make your own from a broken bat), the batter can either hit from a standing or kneeling position with one leg forward. This isolates the lower body causing the wrists to work harder. With the Tosser-Upper the frequency control is set as rapid a speed as the batter can handle. When one arm tires, the bat is quickly switched to the other hand.

3 Placement Drill: By coordinating the height setting to the distance of the Tosser-Upper in relation to the hitter, allows the hitter to place to ball in the exact spot that he or she wants to work.

4 Slap Drill. By setting the Tosser-Upper control at a set frequency, the hitter is able to rhythmically work on timing of their approach to the ball. Timing the ball’s arrival with a smooth, clean approach then allows for a quick break to first. one of the secrets of great slap hitting.

5 Switch Hitting Drill: Learning to hit from both sides of the plate is something that is often overruled by the young player for fear of appearing awkward. This problem is easily eliminated by the Tosser-Upper. Now the hitter can practice swinging from the other side of the plate, alone, in total comfort. Being able to switch hit is a definite plus for any young hitter seeking higher gains in baseball.


1 Catcher's Bunt Drill: The purpose of this drill is to both develop a quicker response to the bunt and the quick leg muscles to pounce on it. A player is stationed at first base and a loaded Tosser-Upper is placed in such a manner as to duplicate the direction and distance of the bunt desired. The catcher's crouch is assumed in the catchers' box. When the Tosser-Upper launches the ball, the catcher charges it, turns and throws to first base. He then hurries back into the catchers' box, awaiting the next launch. This is repeated until the machine is empty. Initially, the toss is set at its slowest rate, but as the catcher becomes more conditioned, the time rate is decreased.

2 The Tosser-Upper is positioned so that a ball lands between the pitcher and third baseman and as above they take turns fielding and throwing to first,
the same can be done between pitcher, second and first..great workout for the pitcher covering first.

3 Double Play Drill: This drill's purpose is to decrease the time in turning the double play by both getting the ball out of the glove quicker and perfecting the timing between the shortstop and second baseman. The Tosser-Upper is set in front of either the shortstop or second baseman and a player covers first again can be pitchers learning to cover first base. (The drill can also be performed by one player alone, fielding then tossing the ball to an imaginary second player). As in some of the above drills, the toss interval is decreased in proportion to the degree of proficiency obtained

Make your Practice Fun but make them work taking 2-3 ground ball hits up the middle wins games.